Paintball Valley has been an established name in Belgium for years. Where many players were first introduced to airsoft and paintball. Of course we comply with all legal standards and aspects since 2004. 

But what you don't know is that Charlotte from Skyfireworks is the permanent crew partner of Silo Events. She always ensures that all smokes and hand grenades arrive neatly and legally at Silo Events, for you guys the players.

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But to be allowed to use these smokers and hand grenades on an airsoft and paintball field. All legal permits must be in order and these products must be stored in a bunker. It has come to our knowledge that there is a new Benelux agreement. That puts a ban on such beautiful products when using them on Airsoft and Paintball Fields. This raises many questions and therefore we have started a petition. The reason for this is because of our permit just received.

After proper consultation with our sector BELPYRO which has our back. We ask for your support aswell.

Would you like to preserve these beautiful products from smokers and grenades on a Airsoft and Paintball Field?
Then sign this petition below!

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